Network Detective


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Step 1: Run Your Data Collectors

Network Detective comes with a library of network scanners to gather a massive amount of network, machine, and end-user data. A few scanners run remotely from Network Detective servers, while others can be downloaded from our website or run directly off a thumb drive. The products you purchase will determine which scanners are necessary. A simple Configuration Wizard quickly guides you through the data collection process.

Step 2: Collect the Data

Collect data from any device that’s connected to the network with support for all major operating systems. We provide separate scanners to collect data from transient and stand-alone machines. You can also gather information manually through on-site observations, interviews, and photographs. Collected data is encrypted and automatically saved to the location you specify.

Step 3: Import the Data

Regardless of the source, you can import all the data gathered at a given site into the Network Detective application, and the tool automatically assembles and combines everything into a single data set to give you fully-integrated reports.

Step 4: Generate Your Reports

Preview the results of your scans using Network Detective’s powerful built-in data browser. The reports you produce depend on your product subscriptions. Pick an available report and generate it with a single click. Reports are saved in standard MS Office formats, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which you can easily edit. Reports are automatically formatted based on your selected templates and customized branding elements.