Cyber Hawk


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Better Security for Your Clients

Take a closer look at what makes Cyber Hawk so valuable for both you and your clients:

Feature Description Benefit
Automated Scans with Minimum Configuration The initial configuration is minimal and Cyber Hawk will perform scans virtually out of the gate. Get started immediately with minimum configuration. And, with the Cyber Hawk solution, ongoing adjustments are automatic!
Smart Tags Adds world knowledge that systems without this meta-information could never get. Gets “smarter” as you tag more items. “Learns” over time the customer’s environment. Make information connections to discover issues that robotic systems like RMMs can’t.
Scanning Engine Scans user, asset, and configuration data that monitoring systems don’t. Discovers threats that anti-virus/anti-spyware/firewalls don’t. It’s always “on patrol” scanning the network at pre-set scheduled times.
Marketing Collateral Dynamically generate Catalogs with any combination of security service plans you pick. Create a professional one-page Plan Comparison Matrix to show your client an at-a-glance summary of plan differences. Use our internal cyber threat brochure to sell your offering. Customized and branded marketing materials are included in this package, helping you sell your new offerings to both existing clients and new prospects.
Pre-built Plans and Catalogs Cyber Hawk comes with four levels of pre-configured services plans that are ready for use. Service plan catalogs, plan comparison brochures and more can be immediately printed out with your branding and used to sell. Get started selling as soon as you subscribe.
Service Plan Creator Cyber Hawk gives you the ability to modify the pre-built plans to create unique offerings, or start from scratch building completely unique and customized plans for each of your clients, to meet their needs and budget. Complete flexibility to create unique offerings that will differentiate you from other MSPs.
Daily Alerts Timely (daily) emails that contain a list of Anomalies, Changes, and Threats prioritized by Severity. Alerts include interactive hyperlinks to start the actions to “remediate” “investigate” or “ignore” the alert. Increase awareness and catch security affecting events that traditional approaches miss, including user behavior and misconfigurations. Replace having a Security Engineer review and analyze logs and data all the time looking for potential security issues. Now they can focus on investigation and remediation.
Weekly Notices Weekly email that lists all changes. Compact format allows easy viewing of many changes in a single email. Allows a human to review the changes for possible anomalies and threats that could warrant further investigation.
Branded Alerts and Cloud Portal Use a custom gateway and use custom “FROM” email addresses. Cyber Hawk also includes branded sub-domain and branded client alert management portal. Works well with mobile environments and email integration to PSAs. Keeps your company brand top-of-mind with clients.
Expanded Format HTML formatted email. Friendly readable format for alerts that includes recommendations and formatting. Ideal for users with email readers.
Sort by ACT then SEVERITY Groups content in Security Alerts by Anomalies, Changes, and Threats first then by Security. Allow easily filtering and getting to issues based on the categorization of the issue.
Sort by SEVERITY then ACT Groups content by Severity Allows users the flexibility to see the higher severity items first.
Recommended Tags A set of tags that are recommended for every Site. Provides guidance to the most popular tags that will give the most benefit in terms of alerting.
Direct PSA Integration Use the “Action Links” included with Cyber Hawk to turn individual (or grouped) alerts into service tickets inside of Kaseya, Autotask, ConnectWise, or Tigerpaw One. Approve productivity and efficiency by working issues within your PSA of choice.