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Not Just Another Checklist Product

There are many checklist products on the market that provide you with a laundry list of tasks you must perform, and information you need to gather, process, analyse, and validate to be compliant.

Audit Guru takes the process to the next level by automating the collection of much of the data you need, analysing it for you, and providing you with dynamic worksheets that are customised based on the results of the collected data.

Standardized Internal Assessment Methodology Our approach walks you through the process. Repeatable and non-arbitrary approach to performing a compliance assessment.
Automated Scans Technical scans are performed by the Audit Guru appliance. Removes human error by having the appliance performing the technical data collection. When humans perform technical assessments, they tend to spot check and not be as thorough.
Role-based Assignments Divides the workload into three primary roles: Internal Auditor, Technician, and Site Admin. Allows flexibility in how to work with your clients on performing compliance assessments. The MSP can perform all three roles or divide the roles logically with the staff at the client’s site responsible for compliance.
Online Forms and Worksheets Complete worksheets and forms to provide information that cannot be collected automatically. Complete worksheets and forms to provide information that cannot be collected automatically.
Augment Data found from Automated Scans Forms are created using data from the actual network and not just a generic checklist. Answer questions about the client’s actual environment, users, and computers to provide details that cannot be gather automatically.
Task Notification As tasks are assigned, stakeholders are notified via email. Makes performing the assessment process a no-brainer. Interact with Audit Guru through links in emails telling you when there are tasks that require your attention.
Auditor Checklists Summary documents of compliance with cross-references to other documents. Easily assesses your compliance position and gives you a document to show Auditors as a starting point to help them easily see how you are going about compliance. Easy to use format and cross-references makes the Auditor’s life easier. Happy Auditor, Happy Auditee.
Evidence of Compliance Detailed document showing information from both automated scans, augmented data, and questionnaires. Gathers evidence into one document to back up the Auditor Checklists with real data.
Information Policies and Procedures A standardized P&P that is designed as a starting place for organizations that might not have a P&P. One of the first requirements is to have a P&P. Some organizations don’t have one or at least one that conforms to compliance standards. We provide an out of the box version for those organizations.
Scheduled Scans Audit Guru performs re-scans on a periodic basis. Looks for when you might need to update your compliance documentation to stay current.
Risk Treatment Plans Shows what issues were found and tracks which issues were addressed based upon risk scoring methodology. Track remediation efforts and provide a paper trail in the event of an audit or request for documentation.
Compliance Standard Specific Scans Scans system looking for information pertinent to the specific compliance standards. Compliance standards require specific deeper scans looking for specific information. For GDPR, Audit Guru helps identify where personal data resides. For HIPAA, scans are performed looking for instances of ePHI.
External Vulnerability Scans Scan external IP addresses of the organization. Identify weaknesses that an external attacker can exploit within your network.
Internal Vulnerability Scans Scan internal IP addresses from the Audit Guru appliance. Identify internal threats that would allow an attacker or malware to exploit.
Brandable Reports Customize logo, colors, templates, and images. Allows MSPs and consultants to brand compliance reports.
Report Archiving Audit Guru appliance stores past assessments and reports. Comply with retention requirements and be able to demonstrate not just current compliance but ongoing compliance.
Collaborative Compliance Invite others to collaborate in completing compliance assessments. Performing compliance assessments cannot be done in a vacuum. Subject Matter Experts are oftentimes required to assist in completing worksheets, forms, and providing information that cannot be discovered automatically. Audit Guru provides a framework for inviting others to assist in the assessment process.
Compliance Guidance Audit Guru presents in-product guidance to help you complete the assessment. Sometimes you need a little help. In-product guidance written by compliance experts help you answer compliance related questions.