Remote work is now secure and effective


Remote Monitoring and Management

Did you know you can manage and monitor all your business devices from great distances, all on a single screen?

Does your IT team spend hours on the road to solve minor device issues for your scattered employees?

From PCs, laptops and server, simplify and automate the management and security of all your devices spread out across different locations, with a single solution.

Solve trouble troubleshooting issues remotely, automate patch management and software management, configure changes on your endpoints and generate report on your IT inventory for your business.

  • Take proactive action to optimise and update all your devices as you get alerts on old hardware and slow devices
  • Informed budget planning for your IT expenses, as you gain full visibility into devices that need to be updated or upgraded.
  • Manage thousands of endpoints on a single pane of glass anytime from anywhere
  • Support any endpoint across a range of different operating systems
  • Automate device updates and configurations to ensure standardisation
  • Block out common avenues for cyberattack by automating patch security management for all your devices
  • Integrate with 3rd party antivirus and antimalware protection tool such as Webroot.
  • Threat detection with EDR, Managed SOC, DDoS, WAF, AV and etc.

Customer Success Story

With our help, Touch ‘n Go Malaysia was able to create new automation workflows to boost productivity and efficiency:

  • Saving days of travelling time and hundreds on mileage claims to solve operational problems
  • Freeing staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

With Kaseya VSA you can easily integrate it with other solutions to boost device management, security and backup for your business

IT Management Tools

Modernize your IT operations with the ability to monitor, manage and support all your devices and user.

Make network monitoring easy for your IT department with Traverse. A platform to unify and monitor your entire IT infrastructure and distributed data centers.

Deliver services to your customers at breakneck speed with a service automation solution that ensures ticketing, project management, quoting to billing are completed with greater satisfaction and accuracy.

Find the information you need when you need it with a web-based app that gives you access to all your business documentation. Easy integrations with popular tools like RMM, BCDR, API, etc, for maximum efficiency.


IT Security Tools

Manage Software Patching, Antivirus/Antimalware (AV/AM) and Backup (BDR) all from a single pane of glass.

React to threats faster using a combination of human and machine intelligence with powerful search capabilities that scour the dark web to identify, analyse and proactively monitor for an organization’s compromised credentials 24/7/365.

Turn your employees from security risks to assets with security awareness training and phishing simulation modules. Video lessons and online quizzes are delivered via a personalised portal that makes training painless.

A single solution that helps your team simplify IT assessments & documentation, Compliance Process Automation (CPA) and internal cybersecurity threats.


Backup and Recovery

A 3-in-1 backup package. Ransomware protection, cloud-based storage and business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) services in a single platform. Be confident that you can restore your data and resume operations in minutes – not hours or days.

Restore your data in just a few clicks of a button to resume work with a fast, affordable, and reliable cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce.

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